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A group of politicians deciding to dump a President because his morals...   Life
A new star with a tremendous national appeal, the skill of a consummat...   Life
A railroad station? That was sort of a primitive airport, only you did...   Life
Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.   Nature
Americans like fat books and thin women.   Life
An educated person is one who has learned that information almost alwa...   Education
Anticipating that most poetry will be worse than carrying heavy luggag...   Life
Caution: These verses may be hazardous to your solemnity.   Life
Disguises thinner than a Chicago stripteaser's work clothes.   Life
Don't try to make children grow up to be like you, or they may do it.   Life
I gave up on new poetry myself 30 years ago when most of it began to r...   Life
I gave up on new poetry myself thirty years ago, when most of it began...   Poetry
I was converted from fool when my spine was somewhat reorganized. What...   Life
In America, it is sport that is the opiate of the masses.   Life
In an age when the fashion is to be in love with yourself, confessing ...   Life
Inanimate objects can be classified scientifically into three major ca...   Science
Is fuel efficiency really what we need most desperately? I say that wh...   Life
It was dramatic to watch my grandmother decapitate a turkey with an ax...   Life
Life is always walking up to us and saying, "Come on in, the living's ...   Life
Live by publicity, you'll probably die by publicity.   Life
Misery no longer loves company. Nowadays it insists on it.   Life
Objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories: ...   Life
People seem to enjoy things more when they know a lot of other people ...   Life
People who say you're just as old as you feel are all wrong, fortunate...   Life
Poetry is so vital to us until school spoils it.   Life
Reporters thrive on the world's misfortune. For this reason they often...   Politics
Situation comedy on television has thrived for years on "canned" laugh...   Life
Skins tanned to the consistency of well-traveled alligator suitcases.   Life
The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately defe...   Life
The lobbies of the new hotels and the Pan American Building exhale a c...   Life
The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion reste...   Life
The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recogni...   Life
Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress r...   Society
What the New Yorker calls home would seem like a couple of closets to ...   Life
When it comes to cars, only two varieties of people are possible - cow...   Life
You can't enjoy light verse with a heavy heart.   Life