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A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of...   Movies
A good artist should be isolated. If he isn't isolated, something is w...   Life
Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.   Life
At twenty-one, so many things appear solid, permanent, untenable.   Life
Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet ...   Life
Ecstasy is not really part of the scene we can do on celluloid.   Life
Every actor in his heart believes everything bad that's printed about ...   Life
Everybody denies I am a genius - but nobody ever called me one!   Life
Fake is as old as the Eden tree.   Life
Gluttony is not a secret vice.   Life
Hollywood is the only industry, even taking in soup companies, which d...   Life
I do not suppose I shall be remembered for anything. But I don't think...   Life
I don't pray because I don't want to bore God.   Life
I don't say that we ought to all misbehave, but we ought to look as if...   Life
I don't say we all ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we c...   Life
I feel I have to protect myself against things. So I'm pretty careful ...   Life
I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eati...   Life
I have a great love and respect for religion, great love and respect f...   Life
I have an unfortunate personality.   Life
I have the terrible feeling that, because I am wearing a white beard a...   Life
I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has a...   Life
I started at the top and worked my way down.   Life
I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give...   Life
If there hadn't been women we'd still be squatting in a cave eating ra...   Life
If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop...   Life
In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murd...   Life
Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when called upon ...   Life
Movie directing is a perfect refuge for the mediocre.   Life
My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless the...   Life
Nobody who takes on anything big and tough can afford to be modest.   Life
Now I'm an old Christmas tree, the roots of which have died. They just...   Life
Now we sit through Shakespeare in order to recognize the quotations.   Life
Only very intelligent people don't wish they were in politics, and I'm...   Life
Race hate isn't human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human na...   Life
The best thing commercially, which is the worst artistically, by and l...   Life
The director is simply the audience. So the terrible burden of the dir...   Life
The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.   Life
The enemy of society is middle class and the enemy of life is middle a...   Life
The essential is to excite the spectators. If that means playing Hamle...   Life
The ideal American type is perfectly expressed by the Protestant, indi...   Life
The laws and the stage, both are a form of exhibitionism.   Life
The word genius was whispered into my ear, the first thing I ever hear...   Life
They teach anything in universities today. You can major in mud pies.   Life
We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love a...   Life
When you are down and out something always turns up-and it is usually ...   Life